Essential Oil Diffuser

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Bring a relaxing and pleasant aroma to any room. This essential oil diffuser emits mist to provide moisture to dry or chapped skin during the cold months, while its aroma has a therapeutic effect to create a calm, restful environment. Designed with an elegant wood-like grain finish, it blends perfectly in any space. Adjustable mist, ultra-quiet technology, 9 soothing LED lights, 2 dim settings, and a timer give you optimal convenience and relaxation. FEATURES: Essential oil diffuser is the perfect addition to your office, living space, bed room, and more Designed with a wood-like grain finish to provide an eye-catching appeal to the room 9 LED mood lights with 2 dim settings; set to one color or program to go from one light to another Mist technology is extra quiet and ideal for the dry, cold months of the year Evenly spreads aromas throughout the room at 2 mist options (fine and strong) Runs for 1, 3, or 6 hours, or continuously until water runs out, prompting an auto shut-off mechanism