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The Herb Room Organic Apothecary was created in 2008 when my husband and I were trying to find natural products that were of good enough quality to use on our 2 (now 3) children. We were finding that most of the natural products did not hold up to their promises. 

A simple balm has turned my love of herbs into a growing passion to help you put as little harsh chemicals in and on your body as possible. 

Let us help you take back your health naturally!

Community Support

5% of our monthly sales go to Freedom SAV. Freedom SAV is a non-profit that raises awareness about the plight of human trafficking in Savannah and the Low Country. You will help to provide resources and opportunities for freedom for those held captive by it. Your support will help us bring the necessary attention and education while establishing rescue and rehabilitation resources in this area, which there are so few.


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